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It’s taken me all but thirty-nine years to get here. Amid a worldwide shutdown, semi mandatory vaccines, and the collective’s emotions rolling from wave to wave, I’m ready to consciously conceive.

Consciously conceiving to me means that you are aware of your intergenerational traumas and behaviorisms. You have worked on releasing and breaking the patterns in your family’s karmic lineage. Or you are currently working on releasing and breaking the patterns because healing is not linear. You are making a conscious choice to be aware of your emotional patterns that can and will affect your child’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health. And above all else, doing something about it.

I’ve had options in my life to become a mother with ex-partners who would have been great fathers. Yet, it didn’t always feel right. Even though there was a lot of love from both sides. Last year I received two love offerings from text messages to phone calls of, ‘I am ready to be with you. I will sell my business and we will travel the world together!’ from…

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Do you guys remember the time when yelpers demanded free food in exchange for yelp reviews? Yeah, thank goodness the companies and restaurants started standing up for themselves.

I scan a lot of reviews before buying products or ordering services. I do this to see the common denominator in service and quality. I also believe having negative reviews is crucial in understanding the perception of the reviewers versus determining if the product and services are as good as the five star reviews. New profiles equal family and friends, I know, I know.

But recently, I wondered about the negative reviews…

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Ouija boards are making a comeback. In 2020. As if we needed any more portals opening up to release the Kraken.

Just kidding, the krakens are already here in human form.

When certificate shamans became a thing in Los Angeles along with Ayahuasca ceremonies, I blessed our future and continued to pray. Knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen, and feeling what I’ve felt through different parallel dimensions, the Ouija trend has got me shaking my head.

One of the reasons people find me is to help assist with malevolent spirits and to close up portals. As with our…

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Some people have called me a little OCD and that was putting it nicely. December used to be my favorite month not because of Christmas and the chill Southern California air, no. It was because I loved going to the store to pick out next year’s organizer.

Colored post its, tri-colored pens, that was my jam. I am not as excessive as I used to be, yet my iPhone calendar is of course colored-coded, as well as my journal with a multitude of colored highlights. Also, my home and heart are filled with lists. Lots and lots of lists.


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To ascend, one must let go. You must let go of fear, obligation, shame, guilt, sadness, anger. Let go of the simmering emotions which boil over periodically.

You must let go.

Many are looking to ascend right now. Their minds float in the sky as their feet lift off the ground. Rooted in never, neverland. Oblivious to the hard work of releasement of all things holding them back.

A hot air balloon of self, heated from within, rising, tethered to the ground. Tethered by their fear, sadness, anger, and guilt. Anchored in deep, with no one but themselves to blame.

They blast more flame to heat the air directly, rising, rising, more, more.

All the while, attached to their experiences, beliefs, limiting beliefs, misperceptions, and perceptions of their existence.

Before lifting off the ground, do the work. Unhook the fear. Dive into the abyss of sadness to detach. Free yourself from the shame, liberate yourself from your anger.

When you do…

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It took me an absorbent amount of self-reflection, self-belief, and self discernment to understand why I attracted so many black magic victims throughout my healing journey. I went through the struggles of doubting who I was, my purpose, and my sanity as I met these victims. From the outback to the United States of America and every continent in between, it didn’t matter where I was, they would always find me.

One day in meditation, the answer washed over me like a security blanket of peace. They sought me out because I had the ability, the knowledge, the strength, and…

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From being one of the most polluted countries in our world to having a primitive mindset, well, one begs the question, “Why Kosovo?”

I’ve been in a complete state of energetic flow for some years now, allowing myself to align with energetic vortexes and ley lines around our world. I remember the moment it happened. The decision that ultimately landed me in Bregu I Diellit, also known as Sunny Hill in Prishtine, Kosovo.

It was December 2018 and a map of Eastern Europe was on my laptop screen. I looked into traveling to Medjugorje in Bosnia. “The local people have…

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It’s kind of weird to write again. I went from three to five articles a month to once a month for the last two months. What changed? My entire life.

I rescued a street dog from the Rugova mountains here in Kosovo. Covered in fleas with a huge smile. A magical dog from healing mountains I named Aronia. Why is she magical? Well, for starters, she’s a mixed breed with the Norweigan Lundehund, which dates back to the Ice Age. …

Sexually Transmitted Demons

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Recently, I’ve had the joys of explaining what a spiritual STD consists of. I wish I could tell you I was talking about chlamydia or HPV, but alas, I’m talking about another STD, sexually transmitted demons.

The kind that transfers with or without a condom. We’re talking soul to soul attachment.

The reason I had to explain the transference of energetic attachments to someone was because a person, let’s call him Joe, was trying to heal other people. Joe was trying to heal other people while he had black magic spells on him and entity attachments.

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It was Sunday when I read my assistant’s message. A message that carried uncertainty, pleading, and an emergency for a friend of a friend. When I read the last line, I saw through my third eye the eyes of this friend, utter and completely black.

She was possessed and having one hell of a time trying to fight through the demonic possession and the black magic cast on her from one of her ex’s.

My assistant knows that I am not accepting new clients unless it’s an extreme emergency. I hesitate on taking any clients now who are victims of…

Carol Dao

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul

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