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I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my latest eBook: When She Remembered

“No matter what you have heard or felt or experienced concerning psychic attack. It is probably 99.99 percent the result of fear and imagination on your part, and has nothing to do with anything someone else has done to you. Sure, it felt real. The illness was real. The ‘bad luck’ incidents that started happening in your life were real. But the cause of those things had more to do with your own fear and imagination than with anything or anyone else.”

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It’s the silent cheers that echo in the frequency sounds of our world to be only heard by myself and my client. They cry and…

Take a look at her eyes. The eyes tell you everything.

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That contest I aligned with. It resonated with me. It felt good. It felt light.

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Every day is a day to cherish what we have, last year a forced reflection for many, if not all. Most people have drowned the sea of uncertainty while some have not only floated but cruised. Why?

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It is in the yearning that we suffer so much…

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Consciously conceiving to me means that you are aware of your intergenerational traumas and behaviorisms. You have worked on releasing and breaking the patterns in your family’s karmic lineage. Or you are currently working on releasing and breaking the patterns because healing is not linear. You are making a conscious choice to be aware of your emotional patterns that can and will affect your child’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health. And above all else, doing something about it.

Carol Dao

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