Are Mirrors and Windows Portals to Other Dimensions?

They can be.

Photo by Amir Geshani on Unsplash

Knowing what I know now, what I have experienced and witnessed in my life, I’m here to tell you guys something. Windows, mirrors and television screens are portals to other dimensions and like the ouija board, they are also invitations to paranormal activity.

Not all mirrors, windows and/or television screens but most are. I would be silly if I said all, right? Of course, this would all depend if you believed in portals, dimensions and/or the spirit world.


I thought of a remote hypnosis session I had two years ago with a client who had a step daughter. Her fifteen year old step daughter, according to my client, was aggressive and mean. My client could not stand being in the same room as her because of how ‘evil,’ she was.

“It’s not nice to describe anyone as evil,” I said to my client on our first consultation call together.

“When they want to hurt others on purpose, then it’s pretty evil, Carol,” she replied.

I did not live in their home. I also did not know more than what was said to me, but I did know this. After our first session together, I asked my client to put a curtain up in her step daughter’s room.

“I was just thinking of this a couple days ago. Thank you for reminding me,” she said.

“This is not a reminder, but an order to put up the curtain or to cover it as soon as possible. Your step-daughter sleep walks to this window at night and communicates with beings on the other side,” I told her.

“What beings?” my client asked me.

“Evil beings.”


When I first became conscious of my true self, I began to receive requests for remote home energy cleansings. With no formal training and no advertisements, the moment I surrendered and opened the door to the spirit world, the echoes began.

“There are mirrors there, sliding mirrors, is that right?” I asked her. She agreed.

“You will need to take these mirrors down or cover them as soon as possible. This is the portal where the brujo comes into your home.”

Her crying became weeping. “I always told my family that I thought someone was walking around in the house, when we all would be sleeping,” she cried to me. “The alarm would always be tripped as if someone walked into the home,” she said.

“You are my angel, Carol,” my client cried, “I knew it, I knew help was on its way. Two days prior to this call, I walked into my home. I walked in and in the left corner of my living room I saw a floating blue light. I am not making this up. I adjusted my eyes because it was around 5pm but in that blue light I saw an angel. I knew that help was on its way. I have prayed to God for this and then you show up in my life,” she said and she continued to weep.

She removed all the mirrors in the home that were the entry way for her brother in law to walk in and out of. She removed the doll in which he also jumped into to watch her and her son. I removed the dark energy of her home from a distance, praying over her and placing a golden mesh of protection around her home.

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul

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