How To Cultivate Your Energy to Combat Sleep Paralysis

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Why do some people suffer from sleep paralysis more often than others? Are they targeted by demonic beings? Are they extra sensitive in empathic ways? Are they light beings planted on our planet who can turn this fear into beautiful astral projections instead?

All of the above.

Sleep paralysis is a common theme but uncommonly spoken about. There are so many people with many different stories and experiences in our world. Yet, there is not much spiritual information on the net about it. With the recent emails I’ve received on this subject, from putting up my contact information less than thirty-six hours ago, it’s one that I am pretty familiar with.

wrote a story about Karen in my article, Spiritual Definition of Sleep Paralysis last year. Yesterday, I had a strong urge to contact her because of a vision I had on the right side of her body. There was a strong entity attachment that was transferring into her arm.

Karen has just moved into a new home with her family. Before she was able to turn on the video chat, I had already described the layout of her new room. Her bed was pushed up against a wall that held a dark energy forcefield.

“How’s your sleep been in the new home?” I asked her.

“The first night was good. I slept throughout the night, but the second night…the second night I had a little sleep paralysis,” she said. I nodded in agreement.

“Move your bed from that wall,” I instructed, “flip your desk and the wall, but do not have the desk touch the wall. You’ll sleep better, I’ll see what I can do about the wall.”

She thanked me for reaching out to her and also for tapping into her about her slight run-in with her sleep paralysis.

Why would Karen get sleep paralysis in a totally different home, four years later? Was it Karen and her energy? Was a spirit following her or was it the home?

In this case, it was the home and what entities float in and out of it. I say float in and out because there are portals that sometimes open and close at any given time due to the different energies in that home. Karen moved in with her grandmother, who is also spiritually sensitive and has the gift of psychic mediumship. But Karen’s grandmother is very afraid of these gifts, which means her fear attracts spirits and entities. Usually the wrong type of spirits and entities. Sometimes they could be the lost souls living on this plane or even lower vibrational beings and demons.

Karen’s grandmother’s fear draws these entities and spirits to her. As long as she’s afraid, she’ll continue to attract them. Everyone in our world has some type of psychic mediumship ability and there are different degrees of sensitivity. For example :

  1. The Sleepwalkers: Oblivious to anything in the invisible and hidden worlds. Only concentrated on living in this third-dimensional plane.
  2. The Inbetweeners: They are given Universal nudges and leads here and there, but decide not to acknowledge that there may be more to them than just their imagination. Usually chalked up to coincidences.
  3. The Sensitives: The ones destined to tap into their innate abilities to not only help themselves, but the world with their extrasensory gifts (This doesn’t mean you have to be some type of guru, but an amazing receptionist at a hospital who uses her gifts to see past someone who is in extreme pain or not).

If I were a spirit or entity and I floated into a room filled with the three groups above, I’d make sure to make myself known to a sensitive person. Why would I waste my time with a sleepwalker or an inbetweener? It’ll be much more fun to mess with a sensitive and also scare them if they’re afraid.

hen a family enters into a new home and the family is made up of three separate types, the spirits in that home would make sure to make themselves known to a sensitive. Karen is an inbetweener though. She intellectually knows what’s happening and is not afraid. All situations and cases are different, it really all depends on the spirits in the homes. Especially if there are portals and what is going in and out of them. One day though, Karen will be able to turn these sleep paralysis episodes in to astral projection experiences. That’s the power of our mind and will, it’s really beautiful once you understand it.

The good thing in our lives is that most of us have the ability to choose. We can choose to give in to our fears and allow it to control our existence or we can get angry that we’re losing sleep and put an end to it right now! (Spirits and demons are more drawn to those afraid, they’ll shy away from angry humans).

Another thing that spirits and lower vibrational entities and demons don’t like are people who are in control of their breath and energy. We are the ones that can tell the difference between a nightmare, a lucid dream, and an entity attack. We are the ones who can focus on the light within our core and blast it out to release all attacks and attachments. We are also the ones that they come to and attack more than most.

But when they do, we know what to do. So can you.

How can you control your breath and energy to use it for the next time you have a spiritual sleep paralysis episode?

  1. Meditation. Begin by doing deep breathing meditation exercises.
  2. Qi Gong: Is about cultivating the life force within you. All you have to do is Youtube beginner videos and voila, you’re doing more than the next person.
  3. Grounding: Stand barefoot on grass, imagine that roots are growing out of the soles of your feet into the grass. Imagine your roots gripping the Earth’s soil. If you do not have patches of grass around, try to find a lake or an ocean to ground. Even standing on Mother Earth’s bare soil and/or dirt works.
  4. Praying: You can pray one of two ways: Passive prayer or Active Prayer. Example of a passive prayer: “God (or insert whoever your Higher Source is), please protect me tonight before I go to sleep, I don’t want to experience this anymore and I’m so very tired.” Example of an active prayer: “God (or insert whoever your Higher Source is), please send me additional protection and strength as I go to sleep tonight. I choose not to have this fear inside of me any longer and cast it on the Christ within. I trust that I am always, always protected and that what is happening is a result of things that I can or cannot control, but I banish it from my existence as of today.”

The difference between passive and active is that in the latter, you are actively putting forth effort into the belief that you are protected and that your Higher Power is your backup. So many people place their beliefs and doings into the hands of their Creator or Higher Power but forget that we have to do our part in the co-creation of the outcome we want.

5. Last but not least, request assistance from a professional that is gifted and knowledgeable in the releasement of spirit attachment and entity releasement. Or someone who is able to neutralize the fear that grips you and holds you down.

How often should you repeat the steps above? As often as it takes for you to cultivate your breath and energy. There is no easy way out of this because if you are a sensitive, they always come back. For many of my clients, I can do spirit releasement after spirit releasement, but if my clients do not take action on their own self development afterwards, spirits always a find a way back to align with them.

There are many people who live on Earth and even more spirits nested inside each other, inside a human and inside material things. It takes commitment and small actions every single day to become great. Commit to yourself that you deserve sleep and won’t take it anymore.

Oh, also, while it’s happening, see if you could wiggle your soul from your body and shoot it above you above the ceiling. If you are able to do this, then gather all your power and might and then fly as fast as you can back into your body to release the grip of sleep paralysis. If you can do this, two things have happened. #1: You have astral projected #2: You are in control of your life.

Blessed be.

Carol Dao is the author of, “Holy Sage for the Soul: Spirit Releasement Stories Based on True Events.” She is also an international healer and accepts clients on a case by case basis. Please visit for more information or for session requests. As the state of flow requires her to recharge in different energy vortexes and ley lines around our world, she can only be reached by email.

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul

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