The Right Person at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Thing

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There will be times when you meet someone who will make you want to become a better person. There’s something about them that you want them to be, instead of appreciating them for who they are.

There’s something about them you feel would help you in some way, somehow. Similar to an easy way out without putting forth too much effort or work on your part.

There’s something about them, you can’t put your finger on it, but they feel good. They may feel right.

They may be THE person for you, but deep down inside, your emotions are a mess. Instead of listening to your inner self or your Higher Self, you push through resistance to make it work.

This creates resistance instead of allowing it to unfold in a beautiful and effortless way. Instead of an easy, peasy, lemon squeezy type of love, it becomes he said, she said pull back and forth. There are feelings that bubble up from within that are projected on our partners, who are mirrors.

Why? Why do we choose this when we can let it go and move forward?

Maybe one person creates an imaginary world inside their head instead of seeing the reality of what is in front of them. Maybe we do not have self-awareness or enough self-awareness to work on our inner selves. Maybe, just maybe, there could be a ton more reasons. We all have our own version of perceptions, beliefs, and thought systems.

He began texting me in the morning, a gesture I do so love. His good nights were simple, yet impactful. I’m a sucker for that stuff.

It didn’t take long. Less than a couple of days after the morning and evening texts became consistent that they began to fade.

One less morning text. Two skipped evening texts.

I let him be.

“Hey, is everything okay?” I asked him.

His sluggish response was a sign of hesitation. “Hey, Carol, I wanted to tell you the truth. You are a great girl. I really appreciate you and your energy. But I’m not ready to move forward. I just broke up with my ex-girlfriend and still miss her.”


Even though we could have been, I was the right person at the wrong timing. I can say without a doubt, I absolutely loved his response. I loved the honesty and truth of where he was at. I loved the self-awareness of where he was emotionally and I really appreciated the sincerity.

You know I did? I wished him a stroke of solid good luck and blessed the experience. In a world filled with string alongers and d-bags just in it for a duck, I loved how effortless this encounter was.

Bless the experience, detach self, and move along. The moment you attach an imaginary narrative or want to the person or the experience, that’s when the feeling of suffering begins.

Ps. As always, there may be exceptions to the rule, but this is a story from my own experiences and some clients.

I wish you well.

In Blessed Oneness.

Carol Dao is the author of, “Holy Sage for the Soul: Spirit Releasement Stories Based on True Events.” She is also an international healer and accepts clients on a case by case basis. Please visit for more information or for session requests. As the state of flow requires her to recharge in different energy vortexes and ley lines around our world, she can only be reached by email.

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul

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