The Space Force Is Here

So are the aliens.

The United States House of Representatives just approved a $73bn military spending bill yesterday on America’s sixth branch of the military, the Space Force.

That’s seventy three billion dollars. We can’t even get it together here on our Earth and here’s $73bn set aside for The Space Force? Oh dear.

This announcement comes six months after the U.S. Navy confirmed they were updating their guidelines for how pilots and personnel should report what it calls “unexplained aerial phenomena,” or UAP.

Coincidence? Probably not.


No, there are no coincidences in this life.

This reminded me of a time years ago. When I walked past a hand written sign at the community pool which read: No pooping in the pool.

There was no mention of any pee, only of poop. Maybe if it was a one off occurrence, then no sign needed. But this may have happened more than once for this sign to be written, I thought. I didn’t go into the pool.

So when I read about the updated guidelines for the U.S. Navy earlier this year on what to do if and when their personnel and pilots encounter unidentified flying objects, well, This must have happened more than once for this manual to be updated after all of these years.

With everything that has happened in each of our lives and others, it’s probably difficult to keep up with what’s happening in our own bubble, let alone outer space. Here’s a recap of what I’ve kept track of in 2019.

April 2019:

U.S. Navy confirmed they were updating their guidelines for how pilots and personnel should report what it calls “unexplained aerial phenomena,” or UAP. Some call them unidentified flying objects.

In the same month, astronomers unveiled the first ever photo of a black hole in space.

August 2019:

Astronomers uncover thirty nine, yes thirty nine massive ancient galaxies.

September 2019:

Never before seen video released of U.S. Navy pilots turning into excited little boys as they witness unidentified flying objects in the sky. These pilots have been trained for hours on end to take out anything they deem a threat. In this video, they sound as if they were opening gifts on Christmas morning.

November 2019:

NASA Live Streams from their International Space Station (ISS) were disrupted a couple times or turned off due to unidentified flying objects on screen. This has happened for many years.

December 2019:

NASA live stream cuts off Russian astronaut as he reports an unidentified flying ship.

Planet Earth is a tiny, tiny dot in the Universal skies of stars and planets. There are planets which are five times bigger than Earth and we’ve only scratched a nail mark on the surface of our Universe. Let alone many other galaxies which have been gifted to us. I say gifted because it’s not everyday that thirty nine ancient galaxies just show up on the radar.

If we humans have only explored 5% of the ocean. Which makes up 70% of the surface area of Earth and over 90% of the living space of the planet, imagine what we do not know outside our Earth and what or who exists out there?

I’m probably the last person my friends and family would call a conspiracy theorist, but if asking questions instead of accepting what is, is a conspiracy theorist, then call me what you want. I’ve been called worse.

I’ve always been the curious type. I am the person who would always ask the ‘why’ or ‘how’ and ‘what’s’ questions. I grew up in a tiny bubble that expanded into another bubble. I ventured out and made the world my playground, absorbing the richness of different cultures and languages.

“There’s an entire world out there!” I exclaimed to my friends after my first international trip over fifteen years ago. I expanded not only my physical body to other countries over these years, but my soul for channeling purposes.

I began to channel with mediumship. I allowed spirits to slide into my body when my soul would leave. Think Whoopie Goldberg in the movie, Ghost.

Over these years, my mind expanded as I continued to ask questions. I trained myself to become a clear channel, letting go of people, things and emotions which no longer served me and held me down. I have become water; fluid in my thoughts and emotional state.

When I feel an emotion, any emotion, I bless it and let it go. I do not hold onto anything or anyone to keep in the flow. In doing so, I continue everyday to raise my vibration to match high frequencies to allow non human, high dimensional beings into my body to speak through me.

Say what?

Yes, yes to all the above.

I channel non human, high dimensional beings through me. Many here on this Earth plane have received messages from me when they would pray to God, Jesus and to Mother Mary. I would come through as the messenger, sometimes Facebook messenger.

The same has happened with Earth’s Outsiders, another group I channel. Their name is easy enough to understand, they are outside the Earth.

We are not alone, even if our government tells us otherwise.

I have watched the spoonful of subconscious suggestions through the news and other informative channels about what is happening outside our Earth. They’re small spoonfuls at this moment, not too much, but just enough.

How do I know this is leading into something bigger?

There’s the facts above, along with my channeling sessions. I am also receiving the same telepathic information downloaded into other intuitives and sensitives around the world. I am shown the same visions that many have at the same time at this moment. We are not alone and many around the world can feel the shift of something big happening.

Why The Space Force?

There’s been a lot of activity happening in space. A military grade space force against asteroids is one thing, a flurry of unidentified fleets of flying objects is another. Also, did you guys know there’s an Asteroid named Bennu spitting out small rocks?

Those aren’t rocks if you ask me.

I’m guessing the governments don’t want us to freak out when the movies like Independence Day and Alien become real life. So they’ve been giving us small subconscious spoonfuls of the ancient galaxies, the videos, confirmations, the pictures, etc. They are giving us this information because the sightings and meetings have been happening more frequently.

The invisible world is colliding with the physical world, whether one likes it or not.

Blessed be.

The state of flow requires Carol to recharge in different energy vortexes and ley lines around our world. She can be reached at

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul

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