The Unseen Gashes of Verbal Fights

Kardashian Style

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

For Kim, the physical attack from Kourtney was such a, ‘how could she, how dare she, what is wrong with her,’ moment. When hey Kim, you’ve been attacking people on camera your entire life with your lower vibrational words, how are you not seeing it for yourself?

What if you begin to see things differently than those in the old environment?

What if you begin to shift your limiting beliefs set in your subconscious mind?

Well, you’d be the crazy one from the others. You’ll be the odd one out for wanting a different life or trying to move past the toxicity of your past environment. I look at Kourtney distancing herself from her family and think, good for you, keep asking questions about your beliefs and mindsets. Keep questioning the value of your life and what you place values on.

I saw it bright as day. How a father loves his daughter is how she looks for love later in life.

What you see portrayed on television and social media is not the truth. The Kardashian girls showed so much love towards their late father on social media. From posting pictures to videos, etc of a loving relationship with him. But why, why are these women choosing toxic relationships time and time again?

Sometimes it’s best to
Unlearn the love
You were taught
To allow the love
You deserve.

- Dao

We were taught what our parents were taught and so on. Sometimes, most times, you can see the pattern of the unhealthy behaviors from the parents to their offspring. I can see Kourtney trying to make sense of her relationship of self to her environment, family life included. You can see it reach a boiling point through her physical reaction because Kim’s been verbally attacking her for years.

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