We Can Change This by Changing Ourselves

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I used to depend on money. Not the normal, I need money to pay for food and shelter. More so, I needed money because I was afraid of being poor. I needed money to compensate for my existence. I needed money because it gave me a sense of power and worthiness.

Oh, how wrong I was back then. I’m grateful I gave up my six-figure corporate job five years ago to master myself. I am more than grateful for every single second of my life. For each breath, I take, because sometimes, we can’t breathe given the circumstances.

I think about now. Our now. The dimension we live in, which in essence is our realities. Each person’s reality is different from the next. He is for this, she is for that, I am for this, you are for that. Constant reminders of separation and divide. It’s very overwhelming to anyone, especially an empath in today’s world.

I had some thoughts about this the other week as the new moon was aligned with my menstrual cycle, (too much information?) It gets better. It was around the same time the Schumann Resonance charts spiked and I felt a heaviness of demonic entity attachments in my lower core. Oh yeah, I ended up using myself as the subject for demon attachment to have my two mentees release them from me. I mean, how am I supposed to teach these ladies if they don’t have any way to practice spiritual exorcisms? Oh, plus there was that whole thing with that virus which spiked up a collective conscious wave of fear, anger, sadness, guilt that eventually turned into rage.

I would have been a mess today if I stayed in my position as a mortgage banker back then. I know I would have been a complete and utter hopeless mess. With all my extrasensory abilities inside of me, I would have been laid out on the floor thinking the visions or flashes I would be having are of crazy town. I would have been so stressed about bills and would have sleepless nights like some people I know currently feeling the weight of the world.

And that’s just it, it is the weight of the world that is putting pressure on us as individuals and also the entire human race. That on top of everything else going on. Most things aren’t really surprising anymore, are they?

As an empath with all of the Clair abilities and then some, if I didn’t listen to my inner GPS telling me to go right instead of left, I would have stayed put in a world where material things mattered more than souls.

I would have stayed in an environment that cared more for all things 3D and not enough 5D. I would have, but I didn’t. I listened to that inner voice inside of me. I listened to the call that knocked on my insides every single night that said, Carol, you have a bigger calling. You’re out of alignment with your true path.

They called me crazy back then. Even today, I am known today as that crazy woman who follows energy. And you know what? I really don’t care anymore. If you think I’m crazy, then so be it. Because 2020, you’ve been wild. I even forgot in the rolling mess of these days that someone called me the devil. She even had a priest come to cleanse the energy of her home because of my energy.

And this was because I agreed with the said woman, when she indirectly mentioned her daughter may have demonic attachments. I only agreed when I saw her daughter’s face change in front of me, as a grey color washed over her face. If it’s one thing I know, I know entity attachments. I agreed, then I was blamed.

So be it. An unhealed person can always find offense in anything you say.

I would have negatively emotionally reacted to her and all of what is happening in our world if I stayed Mortgage Carol. But I didn’t. I pivoted and then began to lay the bricks to my yellow brick road. I decided to build the road I was walking on. Every single brick laid down with my bare hands. Blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, and the constant beeping of my inner GPS confirming that I was going in the right direction.

To be an empath in today’s world can either be hard or easy. You can feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time. You can constantly fight and question your inner self or trust that you have the power to know and feel more than most. The frequency shifts of our world are in favor of those who know and can feel energies.

We have the power to shape our realities by transforming the energies in our world. It’s a beautiful thing, a wondrous thing. We are being called to change this by changing ourselves.

Struggle and hardship have been in most communities and countries for centuries. The world is not experiencing anything new, but we may be as humans at this time. What we can do in a time of great struggle is transform. First by transforming ourselves.

I’m glad I gave up my life back then to have the life I have now. I don’t have much in monetary terms, heck, I even have some debt that I didn’t have before. But it’s not the outer stuff that matters, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I am at peace and non reactive.

I am doing today what I have been doing for the past five years. I continue to help serve the people around me. I continue to help clients transform their lives and help mentor. I continue to go to the gym and spa to decompress any pressure that may exist inside of me. I continue to take care of myself and raise my vibration to help raise the vibrations of our world. I’ve donated this morning, I am vegan for the animals. I feed homeless dogs I see on the street. I don’t have a car and mainly walk to lessen one carbon footprint. I help heal complete strangers when I travel. I trust in my path, I trust in myself and believe that everything happens for a reason.

This is just a part of the conscious sacrifices in my life and for some people, it’ll never be enough. What I do or you do will never, ever be enough because of the what about-isms, even though you are doing what you can.

As long as you are doing what you can, with all of your abilities, then you are doing very well. You are doing much more than the next person.

This road of complete trust and belief did not come easy. No, that didn’t happen overnight. I kept at it even though I was so close to giving up multiple times. I wanted so badly to go back to the comforts of my family and friends in the States, but I kept walking in faith. My blind, unshakable faith always have led to the right places, to the right people, and the safest spots on Earth for me. I committed to myself and the goal of serving others to consistently show up.

This wasn’t an aimless way of traveling or living, but a calculated, conscious decision to follow my intuition.

The world would be a beautiful place if each person consciously made decisions out of kindness, consideration, and awareness wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to act from a space of love versus spaces of hate and anger?

If we create war within ourselves, how can we have peace with each other? Peace will arise once peace flows from within. I hope you are well and safe.

In Blessed Oneness.

Carol Dao is the author of, “Holy Sage for the Soul: Spirit Releasement Stories Based on True Events.” She is also an international healer and accepts clients on a case by case basis. Please visit www.caroldao.com for more information or for session requests. As the state of flow requires her to recharge in different energy vortexes and ley lines around our world, she can only be reached by email.

I write about practical spirituality and things that go bump in the night. Buy my book, Holy Sage for the Soul https://linktr.ee/caroldao

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